Ch489 Summary

Ch489: Saitaku’s pride

  • After King Jian’s “surrender” of Qi was accepted by Sei, SBK is surprised as no one expected one of the 6 states of China to fall that easily.
  • They seem to understand why Saitaku spent so much effort to convince the king of Qi to meet Sei in Qin.
  • King Jian warns Sei that this is just a verbal agreement. If Qin shows any sign of losing its initial vision, Qi will retaliate. Before that, Qi will remain silent within it borders as Qin continue their battles.
  • They thank Saitaku and he mentioned that he initially felt hopeless as well when it comes to the solution to ending the conflict in China. That is until he heard the verbal battle between him and Ryofui in You, which showed him the light.
  • Saitaku also warns that be it the “Way” or “Light” or “The world without wars”, it is just an empty  childish thought if it cannot be realized. He also mentions that the biggest obstacle for the unification of China is the man Riboku.
  • King Jian of Qi adds that Riboku and Zhao has been targeting Qin. Qi, at the back of Zhao has been observing their actions all along. From the recent Kokuyou hills war, Riboku seems to be reserving his strength and he is unable to determine the power level of Riboku. Riboku is stronger than anyone can imagine.
  • Sei fully understands that Riboku must be defeated if he were to unify China and the Qin generals must kill Riboku.
  • With that, King Jian suggests Sei to meet Riboku at the great hall now. If he delays any longer, Riboku will be able to guess the content of their discussion here.
  • Sei leaves and promises to discuss in detail at the banquet later that night. As Sei leaves, the dying Saitaku wishes him all the best.
  • King Jian remains at the top of the palace, agreeing with Saitaku that Sei is indeed the rare king who will appear once in a thousand years and is glad that he came to meet him with Saitaku. He thinks that Sei might able to achieve that idea world he wishes.
  • He then sits beside Saitaku’s body, complimenting him that he did a great work.
  • Quoting Shiji, Saitaku was born in Yan and arrived in Qin alone. He had a battle of words with the then prime minister, Fan Ju, and was victorious, replacing him as Qin’s prime minister. He then advised and assisted 4 Qin kings during his life time, King Zhao, King Xiaowen, King Zhuangxiang and Ying Zheng(Ei Sei). More info about Saitaku here.
  • King Jian thanked Saitaku for saving him countless times when he was young and poor as he holds his cold body and witnesses his passing.
  • Chapter ends with Sei returning to the great hall to meet Riboku.

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