Ch488 Summary

Ch488: Blueprint of the Qin king

  • As the meeting continues, the king of Qi is interested to know Sei’s answer to his question
  • Arguing on how to save the citizens of the states he destroyed, he started by laying out the points that they will indeed feel a sense of loss, humiliation and fear, which he is very clear of as a king who will unify China.
  • Sei says that the war he is waging is not a war of conquest, but a war of unification that will build a new nation.
  • Conquest equates to domination those are conquered. Sei knows that Qin is unable to dominate the entire China after conquering all the states, which means war will break out again as time passes. This will result in a failure of unification and so Qin cannot be the one who dominates.
  • As one who do not dominate another, this will eliminate the fear factor in the people who lost their country. With this, a new system can be built to eliminate borders, allowing a world where people and things can move freely between 2 places.
  • King Jian of Qi disagrees as he thinks that without domination, it is impossible to unite all 7 states. There are too many cultures, beliefs and practices around China and without someone who can rule and dominate, it is impossible to unite them.
  • Sei agrees that there is indeed a need for something to rule the entire China but it is not in the form of a person, but the rule of “law”.
  • Under the rule of “law”, all men are equal irregardless of their origins and social status. The country that will be formed after unification will be ruled by “law”.
  • All the other parties at the meeting are shocked by this declaration. Sei adds that after unification, all will be working towards building the one big country, with none above another, that is the answer he has for the people of the other states.
  • King Jian of Qi clarifies and ask if the nobles are also ruled by law. Sei confirms that, and further confirms that the new country will not be a “kingdom” anymore.
  • King Jian of Qi seems to accept Sei’s answer and feels that his trip to Qin is not wasted.
  • Sei asks for King Jian’s reason for coming to Kanyou. He mentions that he came to Qin for form an alliance with Qin. Sei is not clear about the advantages of this alliance to Qi.
  • Sei explains that Qin will benefit from this alliance as Qi will not interfere when Qin invades Zhao, Wei and Han. However, after Zhao, Wei and Han falls, Qi will no doubt be Qin’s target, and an alliance will not change this fact.
  • King Jian replied that if Sei’s vision becomes corrupted by that time, Qi will definitely defend to the last man.
  • King Jian explains that about 50 years ago, when Qi was invaded by the coalition led by Gakuki and down to their last 2 cities, he was born in one of them during the siege. He had been thinking for a long time that China had been trapped in war for the last 500 years and it seems like there is no way to end the chaos. After hearing Sei’s words, he have a glimmer of hope for this.
  • He begs Sei to take command of the entire China.
  • This is seen as a sign of surrender from Qi, which Sei gratefully accepts.

Note: Qi’s “surrender” here can be foreshadowing that there will not be an “invasion” of Qi after Qin defeats the 5 other states.

Historically, Qi was the last of the 6 states to be defeated and was done without any major bloodshed. This was mainly because Qi’s forces were stationed at the west border of Qi while Qin sent the troops from the old Yan territory bordering Qi’s north border. The Qin soldiers met with little resistance and successfully captured the capital, marking the unification of China in 221BC.


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