Ch487 Summary

Ch487: The discussion between the kings of the East and West

  • SBK brought Sei and SHK to a secluded location in the palace, where the king of Qi and Saitaku were waiting. They have no idea what there are going to discuss.
  • As they met, they had a feast of local delights served by the palace maidens.
  • SBK thinks that the idea of having an important discussion during such banquet is not appropriate but the king of Qi responded that he came to Qin to get a feel of the state and the king.
  • As the discussion is beginning, the king of Qi requested all others to leave, with only the 2 kings and Saitaku remaining. Saitaku requested one of the chancellors, SBK, to remain as he sits beside at the ledge.
  • As the meeting begins, the 2 kings re-introduced themselves.
  • Sei starts by thanking the king of Qi for withdrawing the Qi army from the coalition 4 years ago.
  • The king of Qi responded that he withdrew the army not for Qin, but to prevent the tragedy of the Qin’s lands and people from getting split between the other states.
  • However, he is unhappy that saving them has resulted in Qin committing a bigger crime of destroying all other states.
  • Sei rebutted that it is different. The king of Qi is interested in Sei’s answer as when he heard from Saitaku that Sei is interested in unification of China, he had the idea of starting another coalition war to destroy Qin. However, when Saitaku said that this will result in a peaceful world, which made him reconsidered. He questioned Sei on this and even though Sei spoke that this is indeed his vision, the king of Qi thinks that it is an atrocious idea.
  • While he is looking forward to this peaceful world, he thinks that the “conquest of the 6 states” and “a world without killing” is mutually exclusive, which is why this will result in the people of the 6 states suffering after unification.
  • He continued that the state is the land where its people roots themselves. Once the state is gone, its people will be lost as well. SBK rebuts that Qin will then be these people’s new home but the king of Qi rebutted again, asking what will happen to those who refuse to be a Qin citizen and how are they going to deal with them. Furthermore, he adds that once unification is achieved, China will be in a worse state as compared to the 500 year war.
  • Finally, he questions Sei that if he is interested in saving the people of the 6 states and his vision is achievable, he must have an answer for him, the king of Qi who will be destroyed in the future by Qin. If Sei doesn’t have an answer, the second coalition war will begin.
  • Sei asserts that he have the answer to the question.

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