Ch486 Summary

Ch486: Battle of the court officials

  • Meanwhile in Kanyou, the court officials are discussing about the possibility of attacks from the other states. While others are anticipating another coalition war, SHK is very sure that it will not happen.
  • SHK explains that the coalition war was started by the prime minister of the super state Chu, SSK and the man who defeated Ouki and Gekishin, Riboku. Today, SSK is no longer alive and Riboku has yet to pay for his loss of the last coalition war. Therefore, there is no one now that can start another coalition war. Of course, SHK promises that another coalition against Qin will never happen again.
  • SHK had already planted spies in the other states to persuade their kings from forming any sort of alliances with another state.
  • Sei stood up and asks which state should Qin attack next. SHK confidently declare that it should be Zhao.
  • At that moment, a messenger delivered a message from Saitaku to the court with a crimson and green seal, which represents that the message within will affect the state’s fortune.
  • After 5 days of handing over, Shin is finally ready to leave Kokuyou hills in the hands of Mouten. Just as he was about to depart, a messenger arrives to deliver an important message to them from Kanyou—to stop the war with Zhao.
  • While everyone is confused by the order from Kanyou, Mouten is confident that there must be a reason for this and have a bad feeling about it.
  • A few days later, a huge convoy of carriages arrived in Kanyou. Quoting Shiji, 10th year of Qinshihuang(237BC), Qi and Zhao arrived in Qin for a banquet*.
  • The court officials were all surprised that their biggest enemy, Riboku and the King of Qi himself arrived in Qin.
  • SHK questions why Saitaku brings two of their enemies to the court. Saitaku replied that he only brought one, the King of Qi. Since it is impossible to reach Qin from Qi without passing through Zhao, bringing Riboku is just to ensure a safe passage through Zhao.
  • By bringing the king of Qi here, he wants the Sei, the king who will conquer the 6 states to have a debate with the king of Qi.

*Original text from Shiji: 十年,相国吕不韦坐嫪毐免。桓齮为将军。齐、赵来置酒。
Translation: 10th year(237BC), Ryofui’s crime of being involved in Rao Ai’s rebellion was pardoned. Kanki becomes general. Qi and Zhao arrives for a banquet.

We might or might not see the part on Ryofui getting spared but if we do, it should be in a flashback when Ryo committed suicide 2 years later. “Kanki becomes general” can be loosely tied to the fictional Kokuyou hills war led by him in the manga. Qi and Zhao arriving for a banquet in Qin, contradicting to what was portrayed in the manga, is probably Qi and Zhao coming to Qin for a meeting to discuss for some sort of peace treaty/alliance between them. In fact, by 237 BC, Qin was already far ahead of the other states in power that unification is just a matter of time as long as the king and his subjects are not incompetent.


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