Ch485 Summary

Ch485: News from Mouten

  • After capturing the Kokuyou Hills, Shin continued to build the fortress that the Zhao army was building during the war.
  • Kouten arrived one day and had a drink with Shin. He was really surprised that Shin killed Keisha. When he heard the news, he thought Shin will become a general but then he heard the news of Shin killing Kanki’s men. Shin denied and said that it was Kyokai who did it, which Kyokai commented that she had forgotten.
  • Back to business, Shin asked Mouten why he came here and Mouten said that he is here to takeover Shin in the fortress construction.
  • Shin is shocked and is not ready to handover the project to Mouten. Ten commented that Mouten is much better than him in fortress construction.
  • Mouten followed up and said that HSU should take a rest from all the war. Shin refuses that but his men think otherwise.
  • Mouten suggests that Shin should get a wife during this time and Shin seems really shocked by this suggestion.
  • Shin continues to explain that he is not leaving as he knows that Zhao will try to retake the hills. Mouten then explained that Zhao is not the only state that is interested in going to war with Qin. Chu in the south had been gathering their armies near the Qin-Chu borders since Karin took helm. Moubu is currently there to defend against any Chu attacks. Gohoumei of Wei is also interested in recapturing Choyou and Tou is being sent there to guard the area. According to reports, Han, Qi and Yan are also looking to break the balance of power in China. The upcoming wars are definitely going to be larger than the past.
  • With the possibility of large scale wars, SHK wants HSU to take a break to prepare for these wars, to recuperate and evolve. Ten agrees as she thinks that there are indeed many weaknesses in HSU. Both the offense and defenses of HSU are weak, which will become a huge problem when wars drag on. They also need to coordinate with Kyokai’s unit as well as getting some archers.
  • Shin is convinced and decides to return and take a break.
  • Before leaving, Mouten also tells Shin that the court officials are the ones fighting the war now. They will determine the winners of the big wars through diplomacy.
  • Just as Mouten said, the court officials of all states are using all the tricks they have up their sleeves now.
  • Meanwhile, at a small city near the Zhao and Qi border, 3 men of significant importance met—Saitaku of Qin, Riboku of Zhao and King Ken of Qi(King Jian of Qi).

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