Ch486 Spoilers


If this goes according to history, the unknown delegation arriving in Kanyou are from Qi and Zhao and a banquet is held for them.

Update: Summary courtesy of 爱红尘R from tieba

-There are discussions in the court that there may be another coalition war starting. SHK said that the previous coalition war was started by the 2 giants in the political arena, Riboku and SSK. Now that SSK is dead and Riboku has yet to regain his power in Zhao after the previous coalition war, nobody is able to start another coalition war. He also promises that he will not let a second coalition war happen.

-Sei asks which state should Qin attack and SHK replies that they should stick to the plan and continue their offense on Zhao, using Kokuyou hills as a springboard.

-Shin stayed in Kokuyou for 5 days, with 4 of those days doing nothing but drinking. He then received an order to stop any hostilities with as Saitaku, Riboku and the king of Qi has arrived in Kanyou, as was recorded in history.

-SHK asks Saitaku why did he bring the 2 of them to Kanyou. Saitaku replies that he brought Riboku only because he wants a safe passage through Zhao. His truly only wanted to bring the king of Qi to Qin.

-Saitaku then invites the ruler of the west, Qin’s king, and the ruler of the east, Qi’s king, to have a battle of words. In fact, the concept of Qin being the ruler of the west and Qi being ruler of the east has been there since the era of King Sho, Sei’s great grandfather.


Update 2: Korean full chapter out:



7 thoughts on “Ch486 Spoilers

  1. and i wonder how Qi has been able to withstand this warring era. Unlike Han (whose existence is being kept by wei and zhao in order to prevent QIn’s advance), Qi’s position is crucial if Zhao and Wei want to focus their attack or defence on Qin, maybe they should subdue Qi’s territory first. and judging by the power of Wei and Zhao to give even QIn some difficulties, it should be easy for one of them to subdue Qi. maybe theres more with Qi than meets the eye ? that we didnt know of ?


  2. Qi is on the other side of china. A coalition between them will do nothing until Qin manages to conquer Zhao, Wei and Han and yan. If they manage to do that, they might do a coalition with Qi but that is highly doubtful as Qi is more likely to join with Chu to destroy Qin.
    Also, only way for Qi to assist Qin is if they can pressure an enemy of Qin to split their attention between qin and qi, which would give Qin a chance to conquer an enemy state.
    Also history says that qin invaded chu with their own army i think….


    • Fan Ju did suggest the idea of allying with Qi to Sei’s great grandfather, King Sho(King Zhao of Qin). The idea of allying with Qi was to achieve 2 things:
      1) Even if Qi does not help Qin in their wars, they can ensure that Qi do not interrupt their invasion on other states.
      2) To actually expand the Qin territory efficiently. Before Fan Ju suggest this idea, Qin would go all the way across other states to attack Qi or other far off states/castles. Not only does this fatigue the soldiers before the war even start, even if they do win the war, Qin cannot defend the new territory well as it is not connected to the main landmass of Qin, making the war effort futile. During the process of the war, there is also no guarantee that the state in the middle will not backstab Qin.

      For more info:


  3. Riboku does not look one bit pleased with it. Was he pressured by the Zhao monarch to concur with whatever the proposal Sai Taku put up?


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