Ch485 Spoilers


Long chunk of text and some pics.

Translation of the summary of courtesy of nzjacka from tieba:

-Seems like the war is over and Shin met Mouten and had a drink. They were discussing about the recent battle. Shin’s was supposed to be promoted for killing Keisha but as a punishment for killing some of Kanki’s men, his promotion was called off. Shin commented that it was Kyokai who did the killing, Kyokai simply said she had forgotten.
-Mouten was tasked to take charge the west hill’s fortress construction and HSU was ordered to return.
-Mouten suggested that Shin should return to his village to take a break and look for a wife. Shin as shocked and spit his drink onto Kyokai, resulting in Kyokai punching Shin.
-Shin has nevered considered about getting marrying. Mouten reminded him that he is 22 and its about time.
-Ten seems worried and Kyokai seems like she don’t care.
-While Shin also reminded that Mouten is still single as well, Mouten replied that he is rich and handsome, he can easily get a girl.
-Back to serious topic, capturing Kokuyou did not only made Zhao the enemy of Qin, the other states are also preparing to attack Qin. Karin is gathering her troops at the border with Moubu dealing with her. Gouhoumei plans to retake Choyou and Tou is dealing with him there. Han, Qi and Yan are also planning to break the balance of power.
-En asks if another coalition war will start, and Shin says that this is one more reason why he should not take a break from the frontlines.
-Mouten argues that this is instead the best time for him to take a break as HSU needs to recover and evolve as their recent campaign has exposed their weaknesses.
-Ten seems to understand and added that their offense and defense seems insufficient, coordination with Kyokai’s unit needs improvement and their archers need to perform better.
-Shin seems to accept this and plans to return to take a break, but reminded Mouten to keep him informed if something big happens.
-Mouten says that from now on, it is job of to the court officials to play around with diplomatic ties. To get ready for the next big war, Qin needs to prepare their supplies and play the game of diplomacy.
-Mouten reassures Shin that they should leave the job to the court officials to fight their war with words while they prepare for thex next war.
-Indeed, as Mouten said, there seems to be a secret meeting at the borders of Zhao and Qi, between 3 parties: Saitaku, Riboku and…the King of Qi. Riboku and/or Saitaku seems to have initiated something…

Historical spoilers below:






Let’s see what’s going to happen according to history:
10th year of Qin Shi Huang’s rule, Lu Buwei’s(Ryofui) crime was pardoned. Huan Yi(Kanki) was appointed as a General.
Qi and Zhao arrived in Qin for a banquet.
Mao Jiao from Qi told the king of Qin: “Qin is a leader of China and your mother is now been jailed/exiled by you. If the leaders from other states know about this, they will definitely think badly of you.” The king of Qin then welcomed the Queen Mother from Yong(You) back to Xianyang(Kanyou)


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    • In fact, Qin has been doing this before Sei’s era, at least historically, after Fan Ju suggested this idea to King Zhao of Qin(King Sho, Sei’s great grandfather.). We see this during the coalition war as well in some way as they allied with the distant Qi while they deal with the 5 remaining states nearby.


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