Ch484 Summary

Ch484: Each making their departures
-Continuing their discussion the night after winning the war, Shin is curious who is Kanki in fact.
-Naki explains that Kanki’s past is a mystery even to Raido’s clan.
-He had heard of Kanki’s past from one of Kanki’s original member of the Kanki army.
-The “original member” is the Saki clan. They said that Kanki’s origin is his fury that can melt even rocks. The fury against everything.
-Back in Kanyou, news of Shin killing Keisha and killing some of Kanki’s men has reached the ears of Sei and the others.
-SHK then ordered 10000 men to the frontlines to construct the fortress at the frontlines. With that, they plan to use Kokuyou hills as a base to attack western Zhao.
-At Kokuyou after the war, orders were passed down to HSU to construct the fortress at the western hill. Ten is unhappy with this but Shin stopped her from escalating the matter further.
-Naki has returned to Kanki and Kanki’s whereabouts are unknown after the war.
-Shin and Kyokai were then reflecting about the war. While Kanki’s methods seems wrong, it resulted in the winning of the war.
-Kyokai thinks that if there is a need to stop Kanki, they have to stop him. Shin thinks that the only way is to climb to a higher position than him, to become a Great General before him.
-While Kyokai thinks that it is impossible for Shin to become a GG before him, Shin can still stop him if he is at the same rank as him. As Bihei said, Shin should rise in rank at his own pace.
-Shin’s crime for going against Kanki was cancelled off by his achievement of killing Keisha. His quarrel with Kanki has united the unit even more.
-Meanwhile, Naki was influenced by Shin and applied for a transfer to HSU.
-Kanki asked for Naki’s reason and Naki replied that the reason is that HSU has got good food.
-Meanwhile at an unknown corner of Kokuyou, Riboku and his 2 new lieutenants are reviewing on the war. They drew up 3 conclusions: They underestimated Kanki; found a potential general of great skill, Kisui; and discovered Kanki’s weakness.


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