Ch483 Summary

Ch483: The night of the decisive battle
-Back to the afternoon of the 5th day, HSU was tasked to take the central hill by himself.
-They have received report that most Kanki’s men have left the area with only a handful left ambushing nearby to assist HSU. They anticipate that the Zhaos will leave the hill and pursue Kanki.
-While Shin was doubtful, Kisui was seen descending the hill with his men, reducing the men at the hill by half.
-After Kisui’s men left, Keisha’s men were left defending the hill. Kanki’s men then appeared and attacked the hill.
-While the initial attack was fended off by the Zhao army, Zenou clan and HSU appeared to turn the tides.
-By the end of the 5th day, the Zhao army retreated from the hills and Qin won the war.
-Upon receiving the news of Kisui leaving the hill to pursue him, Kanki and his men dispersed and returned to the hill. Kisui’s men only manage to defeat a few small group before he rushes back to Rigan.
-Kanki’s return to the central hill was welcomed by his men.
-That night, Ten explained that Kanki’s surprise factor is that he has shifted his focus from Keisha to Kisui after Keisha’s death on the fourth day.
-Kanki then commanded the Saki clan to interrogate the Rigan soldiers that they captured from Kisui’s army to find out all about Kisui.
-With that information, he issued the order to stop attacking the hill and give it to the Zhaos.
-While the Zhaos are constructing their fortress, Kanki ordered his men to plunder the villages nearby. Using their bodies, he threatened Kisui that the same is going to happen to Rigan, causing Kisui to return to Rigan to defend.
-In fact, it was the pludering and “mindless” killing of villagers that resulted in the victory. A normal tactician will focus on how to capture the hill but Kanki put his focus entirely on Kisui, exploiting his weakness to force him down the hill. Ten commented that this is something that SHK nor Riboku can ever copy. In fact, this is a gamble that only Kanki can do.
-Naki added that this not only won them the war, they construction of the fortress can be sped up a lot by taking over the one that was almost completed by the Zhao army.
-Most importantly, Ten commented that Kanki’s strategy has reduced the estimated loss of men in this war of attrition by half. Shin cannot believe the entire big picture of Kanki’s plan and the fact that he actually overtakes Riboku.


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