Ch482 Summary

Ch482: Rigan and the state of Zhao
-As Kisui decides to return to defend Rigan after receiving Kanki’s “gift”, Kinmou warns him that this is obviously a trap. Taking Rigan has no value for Qin as they will be crushed by Zhao in a 2-pronged attack if they do so.
-Batei knows this but Kanki must also be stopped.
-Kisui seems determined to return to defend Rigan. Kinmou thinks he needs at least 2 days to finish the fortress construction at the central hill. When that is complete, they will be able to defend with just Keisha’s army.
-The spear guy tries to threaten to kill Kisui but was stopped as he was reminded that it is the worst option of all. Doing so will cause Rigan to turn against them.
-Kinmou reminds Kisui that the Keisha army is fighting for Zhao and not Rigan. If the area is taken, the area around it will be destroyed by Qin. When that happens, Rigan will not be the only victim. This will then be the base for an even larger operation for Qin in the future. The reason they are here is to prevent all these from happening.
-If Kisui chooses to return and defend Rigan, the entire western Zhao will be gone to the Qin and therefore Kinmou wants Kisui to reconsider his decision.
-Meanwhile at Rigan, an army approaches. The people of Rigan panic. However, it was soon revealed that it was Kisui who returned. Kisui issues the command to rally the city and evacuate as soon as possible.


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