Ch478 Summary

Ch478: End of conflict
-Kanki thinks that the unification of China would mean overpowering the other states and create a massacre as well as mass plundering all around China.
-Whoever suggests the idea of unification of China is just hiding this fact using some other more noble reasons as excuses.
-While Kanki disagrees that this mindless killing is not “mindless”, Kyokai mentions that it is as Keisha was killed by Shin yesterday.
-Kyokai explains that they were chased into the deep forest after killing Keisha. The Zhao army took this chance to contain the news of the death of Keisha and fortify the central hill. Kyokai suggests that now is not the time to do plundering but to spread the news of Keisha’s death to both armies in order to turn the tables.
-Kanki refuses and wants to continue to kill all the innocent in the area.
-Kyokai threatens to kill Kanki but Kanki orders his men to kill Denyuu and co. -Bihei appears and orders everyone to stop.
-Bihei tries to explain that those who were killed were hiding Zhao supplies and were tasked to spy on the Qins for the Zhaos.
-While Bihei was brainwashed somewhat by Kanki’s men, he didn’t know that there were women and children killed.
-Kanki’s men are actually prepared to destroy HSU if anything goes wrong here, according to Bihei.
-The bracelet that Bihei had dropped during the confrontation, which further deepens the misunderstanding between them.
-Shin punches Bihei in the face and orders him not to step into HSU ever again.


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