Ch477 Summary

Ch477: Roar of pride


-Ten orders the men of HSU to prepare for battle as Kyokai killing Kanki’s men might lead to a battle against Kanki.
-Shin arrives at Kanki’s camp and wreck the party.
-Shin got into a brawl with Raido after a short quarrel.
-Kuroou tries to stop them with her bow and arrow but Kyokai stopped her and reaches Kanki’s neck with her sword after that.
-Raido also has his sword on Shin’s neck. Shin mentioned the past, he attacked a 1000-man commander who also did all these atrocities that Kanki is doing now. While the 1000-man commander uses “This is war” as an excuse, Shin strongly disagrees. He thinks that killing non-soldiers is as good as mindless plundering, which will never lead to the unification of China.
-Kanki smirks and says that Shin is the real villain.


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