Ch476 Summary

Ch476: The through about the smoke.
-Kyokai dashes towards the smoke and HSU follows.
-As Kisui wonders what Kanki is doing, his men reports that there are no signs of attacks towards the central hill. He orders to continue to fortify the hill’s defences.
-As HSU arrives at the smoke, they see a deserted and destroyed village.
-Just as they were wondering what happened, Shin notices the path nearby and rushes there. He discovers piles of bodies at the end of the path as well as soldiers stacking them up.
-Shin is devastated but was stopped by En from doing rash moves. Meanwhile, Kyokai went into the area and looked at the pile of corpses, questioning the nearby soldiers about who did it.
-As Kyokai sees the body of the granny who saved her, she lost it and started killing the soldiers nearby. The other soldiers were afraid and said that they were ordered to do this by their boss.


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