Ch475 Summary

Ch475: The wavering frontline
-As the Qin army is retreating, they are questioning Kanki’s move of withdrawing from the central hill they fought so hard to control for the past 4 days as they see the Zhao flags being planted all over the hill.
-That night, Kanki’s commanders were summoned to his tent for a meeting. The commanders were also unhappy with Kanki’s decision.
-Kanki assured his commanders that his every move is to secure a victory as he asks them to trust him.
-Kanki asks about the whereabouts of HSU and Naki. None of the commanders had receive any news from either of them after they were pursued by Kisui. They suspect that they are either being chased into the dense forest of dead.
-Kanki issues the order to do what they always do, trample on the weak, as he tells his commanders the existence of the neutral presence that belong to neither Zhao or Qin in the area.
-Meanwhile in the central hill, Kisui contructs a sturdy fortress to defend the central hill overnight as he believes that the winner will be the one controlling the central hill. If Kanki do not attempt to take the hill tonight, it will be impossible for him to do so the next morning.
-The next morning, smoke were seen all around the area as Kanki’s men destroy the villages.
-Bihei and co. noticed a wrecked village and one of the men told him that it was done by Kanki’s men. He justifies that these villages were Zhao bases that hides supplies for the Zhao army. The soldier than notices a rare purple crystal on the floor and gives it to Bihei. He convinces Bihei to keep it.
-HSU finally manages to escape the pursuing Zhao soldiers and return to the area near the central hill only to find the central hill being captured by the Zhao army. Ten is angry as it seems the news of Keisha’s death did not spread across the battlefield.
-Kyokai notices the smoke in the distance, presumably the village she tried to convince to evacuate in the earlier chapters.


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