Ch475 Spoilers

Only text spoilers now:


Rough summary of the text with my sub-par Japanese(some information may be inaccurate):
-Kuroou retreats upon receiving Kanki’s order before Kisui and Kinmou arrives
-Kanki learns about the history of Rigan as well as the background of the current Zhao commander, Kisui, from the prisoners captured by the Saki clan.
-HSU’s messenger arrives and reported to Kanki about Keisha’s death. Kanki starts to think of the best strategy to win.
-Kanki plans to shift the battlefield to Rigan
-HSU and Kyokai got to know Kanki’s plan to attack Rigan. Kyokai is in shock.
-The massacre starts(this might not be accurate, so draw make any conclusions)

Will update again with pictures when they are leaked.

Full chapter in Korean:
Looks like Kanki’s plan is to destroy all the settlement around the area to get Kisui down the hill.


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