Ch474 Summary

Official summary by me for the chapter after reading the chapter in Chinese

Ch474: The decisive moment for the Zhao commanders
-Kisui wants Batei to unleash his rage at the Qin army at the left side of the hill while he goes on top of the hill to meet Kinmou.
-Kinmou suggested to retreat from the area and offered to cover Kisui’s retreat. Kisui refused and wants to regroup their forces here.
-Even though Keisha is dead, no one has noticed it as he was killed at the back of the hill where there are hardly any other soldiers. HSU who killed Keisha is also on the run and thus wont be spreading this piece of news to the other Qin soldiers.
-They must continue the battle before Keisha’s death is made known to the other Zhao soldiers.
-Kisui emphasizes that the reason Qin attacked Kokuyou hills despite the lack of a city in the area is because it is a natural barrier of forest between Qin and Zhao. If Qin were to capture this area and build a frontline base here, it will be impossible for Zhao to recapture it. The Zhao people in the area will then be forced to move away and become refugees.
-Kisui convinces Kinmou that it is now his time to take the command from Keisha and fight with him. Kinmou is convinced and will fight till the end as a Zhao general.
-It is possible to continue the war now as the result is as mentioned at the beginning of the arc that whoever captures the central hill wins the war.
-Kisui explains that Batei is currently fighting at the left side of the hill with information of Kutoou’s location and will definitely capture the left side of the hill.
-The problem lies with Kinmou’s opponent, Maron. Kisui will join this battle with his elite cavalry unit, running down the enemies from the cliff. This change Maron’s strategy and Kinmou can go all out. Their plan is to completely capture the hill before the news of Keisha’s death is made known to all parties.
-(Shinigami guy) notices that the Zhao army has changed their strategy. Kanki seems to notice that too and thinks that the commander must be someone other than Keisha now.
-Kanki has summoned the Saki clan to him to interrogate some Zhao prisoners. It seems that what they were able to squeeze out of these prisoners were able to let Kanki draw the conclusion that the Qin will win this war.
-With this, he ordered all Qin soldiers to withdraw from the hill and let the Zhao take the hill.

Update: Pics for Ch475:
Looking at the pics, do take the above information from the text spoilers with a pinch of salt as the title of the chapter do not match the title from the text spoilers.


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