Ch474 Spoilers


Kisui and Batei grieves for Ryuutou shortly before the war continues. They retreated to the top of the hill while surrounded by Maron’s troops. Kinmou tries to convince Kisui to retreat and abandon this battle to minimize the damage, offering to take the blame for the loss. Meanwhile the Saki clan is ready to strike.

Update: Japanese summary:

Summary in english(chinese translation courtesy of 超级小页_):
Ch474: The decisive moment for the Zhao generals.
-Batei griefs over Ryuutou’s death. Kisui wants him to vent his anger towards the Qins as this is the decisive moment. Kisui then meets Kinmou at the top of the hill.
-Keisha’s death has demoralized Kinmou. Kinmou wants to retreat but Kisui refuses and plans to regroup.
-Kisui explains that while Keisha ia dead, hardly anyone knows this and he plans to hide this fact. If the Zhao loses here, it will be a big blow to the Zhao people.
-Kinmou agrees and promises to fight.
-The plan is to have the enraged Batei deal with Kuroou and Kisui assist Kinmou to deal with Maron. Kinmou will take this chance to strike at the heart of the Qin army.
-Kanki notices the change in tactics of the Zhao army. (The shinigami guy) was wondering why is there a change. Kanki says that it doesnt matter what happened to Keisha as they are dealing with a new commander now.
-Saki clan returned at this time after interrogating some Zhao soldiers. Kanki noticed the expression in their faces and claims that this war is won.
-Kanki issues the order to Kuroou and Maron to retreat away from the hill.

Looks like Kanki might be going to Rigan next…

Full chapter in Korean:


6 thoughts on “Ch474 Spoilers

  1. From the start of this arch we can be sure there will be clash of ideologies between Kanki and HSU so interesting part is how will it play out. Most funny would be if Kanki orders HSU to do this dirty job in Rigan as their reward for Keishas head. And u know orders are orders, and Shin isnt general yet so he cannot compromise yet .


  2. Damnn kanki.. I really hope ppl in Regan is safe from kanki. I can’t imagine how shin would react if kanki kill all innocent citizen . 😮


  3. How does he see the look on their faces? The Saki clan basically have giant pots over their heads with tiny holes randomly spread out on them. How godly must Kanki be to see expressions from that? Then again I guess this means he can’t just put a paper bag on a girl’s head if he doesn’t find her face to his liking.


  4. kanki army still hasnt reached rigan despite of the dead of keisha so i wonder what is saki clan is for, is this because kanki still doesnt know that keisha has been slain and order saki caln to kill him ?


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