Ch473 Summary

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Ch473: Retreat with happiness
link: and (Page 2)
-Keisha fell to the ground as he regrets that he is unable to repay Riboku before he dies.
-The celebratory moment was short as Zhao forces has almost surrounded Shin and co.
-Meanwhile, Kyokai kills Ryuutou and promises him that she will not let what he thinks will happen happen. He then returns the Rigan idol to him.
-Thinking that the incoming soldiers are enemies, she struggled to regain her breath. In fact the soldiers were from HSU and she was picked up by Shin.
-As the rest of Keisha’s men realizes that he is dead, they went on an all out pursuit for HSU. The cover of the thick forest gave the escaping HSU the advantage the Zhaos soldiers.
-As Keisha was slain at the other side of the hill, most of the commanders, including Kanki, did not know about this. The first to receive this news was Kinmou at the right side of the hill and Kisui at the left.
-Kisui was devastated by the news of Keisha and especially Ryuutou’s death. He commanded the soldier to pass the message to Kinmou, wanting him to take control of the top of the hill, stating that the war has not yet ended.


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