Kingdom Guidebook 2: Rui and Hyou

Rui and Hyou

Both characters are fictional and do not have any historical records on them.

Not listed

Basic information:

Rui: She inherits the will of Seikyo’s and assists Sei.
Born in Tonryu, she was the first wife of Seikyo. She was born as a royalty and was married to Seikyo. She was dragged into the chaos when she returned to her home in Tonryu with Seikyo. Seikyo died in the rebellion and she inherits her will since then. After the incident, she joined Sei with the rest of Seikyo loyalists.

Hyou: Sei’s body double and warrior; Shin’s childhood friend.
He was a war orphan and was a slave just like Shin. Both Shin and Hyou aims to be the greatest generals under the heavens and practiced everyday. Their sword fighting skills are on par with each other. During the Seikyo rebellion, Hyou was summoned into the palace to be the body double of the king as he looked very similar to the king in appearance. He was killed by an assassin during the rebellion and passed on his will to Shin before he died.


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