Ch473 Spoilers

(Scroll down for more pics)

Keisha confirmed to be dead. Ryuutou is also slain by Kyokai.

Seems like the war has yet to end according to the Japanese text.

Update: Korean Ch473:


4 thoughts on “Ch473 Spoilers

  1. The way this campaign unfolded makes me wonder if the author will subvert the fact that Kyoukai is gets the role as one of the 3 main forces in the 2nd invasion to Zhao and not Shin. So far Kyoukai always takes the leftovers because the plot holds her back while Shin gets the meaty bits, yet we know the author always tries to follow the Shiji, at least a little bit. I can’t figure out what kind of excuse he’d make to let Shin rank over Kyoukai during that Zhao campaign.


    • you can see all the pics on a computer.
      if you are using your phone, scroll to somewhere near the bottom and click the button with the down arrow and the words “展开”(it’s beside the bigger blue button to install the app)


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