Kingdom Guidebook 2: Sei Kyo


Historical facts of Cheng Jiao/Seikyo

Command: 80
Married to: A beauty

Basic information:
Qin, younger brother of the king

As the brother of the king from another mother, he was proud of his pure royal bloodline and started a rebellion to take the throne. After he was released from his captivity for his crimes, he assisted Sei against Ryofui by having his loyalists join Sei, increasing Sei’s influence in the court.

Key events:
1.He was convinced by Sei’s words…!?
Before Sei left for Sai, Seikyo thinks that Sei is a foolish king. After listening to Sei’s words and feeling his determination, he was convinced. He then assisted Sei in the political struggle against Ryofui.

2.Dying as the one responsible for the rebellion
Seikyo was captured by Hokaku in Tonryu and a rebellion was started in his name. Seikyo manage to escape from his captivity but was later killed.


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