Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ei Sei

Ei Sei

Historical Facts of Ying Zheng/Ei Sei

Command: 98
“Way”: Unification of China

Basic information:
King of Qin

He is the king of Qin that dreams of uniting China. Being in the war torn Era of the Warring States, he aims to achieve peace by uniting China. After dealing with his political enemy, Ryofui, and settling the harem, he is now on his first step of uniting China.

Key events:
1.Tragic past in Zhao
He was born in Zhao who had deep hatred towards the Qin people. The Zhaos were very hostile towards both him and his mother. One day, when his father, King Zhaoxiang of Qin, passed away, the merchant, Shika was on a mission to bring him back to Qin. She opened up his positive emotions and showed him the “light”.

2.Meeting Shin and regaining control of Kanyou.
Shoubunkun had Sei escaped the palace when the rebellion started. Sei met Shin and Ten, fighting off assassins tasked to kill him. With the help of the mountain people, he regained control of Kanyou and quelled the rebellion.

3.Taking command of the men at Sai during the coalition invasion. During the coalition invasion, the army commanded by Riboku was stopped at Sai. Sei himself led the men at Sai against the incoming army. Sei continued to stand with his men at Sai despite his injuries at fought for 7 days until the coalition army was defeated. He secured the trust and built a strong relationship with the men in Sai.

4.Defeating Ryofui at the coronation ceremony
During the coronation ceremony, Ryofui planned to unleash the rebellion forces at Kanyou. HSU and Shouheikun stopped the rebellion army at Kanyou and Ryofui’s faction has lost their influence in the royal court after that.


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