Kingdom Guidebook 2: Kyokai


Historical facts of Kyokai

Strength: 96+Mega α
Command: 85
Intellect: 88
???:??? (cant read)

Basic information:
Qin, Deputy of Hi Shin unit; 3000-men commander

The brains and the right hand of Hi Shin unit. Kyokai is from the assassins clan of Chiyou who chooses their best assassin through a ritual. After joined HSU, she went on a journey to avenge her sister, leaving HSU for a period of time. After avenging her sister, she aims to become the best general and rejoins HSU. She has both the skills of a tactician and is highly skilled in combat.

Key events:
1. Going on a journey to avenge her sister.
Kyokai and her sister had an agreement that they will work together during the ritual and kill everyone else. Her sister was then killed by Ren from the Yuu tribe. To see revenge for her sister, she went on a journey and met Shin during the war with Wei.

2.Becoming Hi Shin unit’s deputy.
Upon learning that Yuuren is in Zhao, she joined HSU in the campaign against Zhao and became the deputy of HSU. She battled, Houken, one of the Three Great Heavens of Zhao. After the war at Sanyou, she went on her journey to seek revenge and temporarily left HSU

3.Revenge for her sister.
Kyokai received information of Yuuren’s whereabouts from a fellow Kyo clan member. She then battled Yuuren using the “deepest” priestess dance and finally defeated her. After avenging her sister successfully, she returned to HSU after about 1 year of absence.

4. Promoted to 3000-men commander from a deputy.
After avenging her sister, she now aims to become a Great General. Her rank leapt greatly after the Choyou war as she was promoted to a 3000-men commander. In tandem with Shin 5000-men unit, HSU is now a 8000-men unit.


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