Kingdom Guidebook 2: Karyo Ten

Karyo Ten

Karyo Ten is a fictional character and thus have no records on her in actual history. There are, however, some facts on her about her role in Kingdom. Click here for more info: Link

Command: 87
Awakening: ???(cant understand)

Basic information:
Qin, Strategist, Hi Shin Unit

Ten is a smart strategist who is always clear headed. She is the last of her tribe who was from the mountains. She joined Shin and Sei on their adventure in the beginning, and became a strategist later. Her weapon is her ability in making decisions and sometimes is able to take command of the soldiers at the front lines. Her gender was kept hidden from Shin until much later. Her culinary skills are also top notch.

Key events:
1. Meeting of Shin
Ten survives by providing information to the (Heibi) village for money. Seeing that Shin and Sei seems to be rich, she followed them hoping to gain receive a hige reward. After quelling the rebellion, she was given the decision to return to the mountains with the mountain tribes or follow Shin.

2. Leaving Shin for Shouheikun’s strategist school
After meeting Kyokai who was also a girl, she realized her lack of skill and could not contribute to the team. She decided to enroll in the strategist school through Kyokai’s recommendation. She then got to know Mouki there and learn about the different strategies in the school.

3. Returning to Hi Shin Unit and proving to be a talented strategist.
After Shin lost multiple battles without a reliable strategist, Mouki sent Ten to HSU to become their strategist. She then led HSU to several victories, proving her abilities.

4.Deciphering the hidden message from her teacher’s.
During the coronation ceremony of Sei, a rebellion is starting at Kanyou. His teacher, Shouheikun, sent a hidden message to her to inform of the situation, which led to HSU returning to Kanyou to save the capital in time. With the help of Shouheikun himself in the battle, the rebellion was quelled successfully.


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