Kingdom Guidebook 2: Shin


Historical facts of (Li) Xin/Shin

Command: 83
Ultimate move: Jump, ???(cant understand)

Basic information:
Qin, Captain of Hi Shin unit; 5000-men commander

He was a war orphan with Hyou. Hyou was sent to the palace as a body double for the king of Qin. He made a promise to Sei that he will become the greatest general under the heavens. He inherited the will of Ouki and defeated many strong opponents using his swordsmanship.

Key events:
1. Death of his close friend, Hyou and meeting Sei.
Hyou, Shin’s best buddy who was also a war orphan went to the palace to become the body double of Sei sacrificed his life for Sei. Hyou’s last words were for Shin to meet Sei and quell the rebellion in the palace. Sei mentioned his dream of uniting China and there will be many wars for Shin to participate in to rack up achievements.

2.Death of Ouki, inheritance of Ouki’s glaive.
During the battle with Zhao, Ouki gave Shin’s unit the name of “Hi Shin unit” to engage in guerilla warfare. As Ouki was mortally wounded by Houken and accepted his fate, he passed on his glaive to Shin before his passing.

3.Participation in multiple wars, gaining achievements.
Having Killed Rinko, one of the 4 heavenly kings of Renpa during the war with Wei and slaying Mangoku of Zhao in the coalition invasion, Shin racked up many achievements throughout his career and was promoted multiple times from his humble beginnings as a foot soldier. He also inherited Rinko’s swords, Duke Hyou’s shield and Mougou’s final words.

4. Working with Kanki in the new front lines.
In the battle of the Kokuyou hills, Shin was tasked to work with Kanki. While Shin had difficulties to work with Kanki and his brutal methods of war, he had to prove himself worthy…


5 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2: Shin

  1. Is there a timeline of Shin’s in-manga achievements? I’m trying to figure out the current year, as well as has how quickly Shin has risen through the ranks. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.
    – As of the end of the Kanki vs Keisha arc, the hi shin unit is 7 years old. (Chapter 456)
    – The HSU was formed when Zhao attacked Qin and killed Ouki.
    – Garo in 456 says he’s been in the HSU for 4 years, starting when Shin was promoted to 3k commander. There was a 2 year break until Shin was promoted to 4k, and what follows in the remaining two years are the events in chapters 372-471 (holy shit it’s been 100 chapters already?)
    – The HSU was stationed at Choyou for a year (I think)
    – New year happened at c408, and 238BC is also the year Sei officially became king.
    – It’s likely to still be 238BC as of c471 (Shin is about to fight Keisha)
    – Shin may be promoted to general, taking him only year of being a 5k commander. (I-isnt this pretty fast?)
    – On the flip side, Heki was a 3k commander by the end of the coalition arc and was likely promoted right after the award ceremony off screen. In two years he grew from being a 4k (maybe) commander to general.

    These promotions come fast.
    Does anyone see anything wrong?


  2. Magax, I couldn’t comment on the 10th anniversary part, so I’ll comment here. That part where Shin and Ten are holding hands reminded at the time after Ten’s first campaign, when Ten was so focused on making new strategies and then guided by Shin to the other people of the unit.


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