Ch472 Spoilers

Ch472: The hunter’s dusk

link: and

Summary of spoiler text(credits to 发呆的路人甲 from tieba):
-Shin duels with Keisha. He didn’t expect his sword to be that heavy from his size.
-Kyokai continues her duel with Ryuutou. Ryuutou’s men are all dead and it has become a one on one duel with both exhausted.
-As Shin duels Keisha, Zhao reinforcements are arriving and Naki and his men are securing an escape route.
-As Keisha realizes he understimated Shin, he was slashed from his right arm to his chest. (RIP Keisha)

More pics:
HSU soliders cheering at the end of the chapter after Keisha was slain(I hope).

Update 2:
First link is dead. Please do not click it.

Update 3:
Full chapter in Korean:


9 thoughts on “Ch472 Spoilers

  1. Am sure people haven’t realized that Keisha is the first commander in chief that Shin says will kill since he became a 1000 man commander that his killed himself and another RIP would go to Ryuututo been slain by Kyoukai.Promotion after war are as follow Kanki – Great General Shin – General Kyoukai – 4000/5000 man commander Denyuu – 1000 man commander Bihei – 100/300 man commander


    • Forgot to add Naki joins Hi Shin and its now its an army not a unit anymore as Shin has the greatest and King say on the promotions i have listed would like your opinion


    • Kanki will win this battle but will have his ass kicked by riboku in this war, and kanki will escape to another country.
      Source: history


      • 1. Kanki will not lose in this war. This war is fictional and that war you are talking about will only happen a few years from now.
        2. There are no concrete records of him escaping to another state, only theories.


    • Lol not yet buddy.. Shin general yeah, kyoukai probably a 5000 commander, denyuu is already an 1000 man so maybe he climbs to 2000 or 3000 commander.. So the hi shin unit will be the hi shin army of over 15,000 soldiers


    • Shin will be promoted to general, not great general.
      Now unless Kyokai ends up killing two generals, she’s only going to get promoted to 4,000-man commander.

      General is a rank promotion after a 5,000-man commander.


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