Ch471 Summary

Ch471: The dedicated pursuit
-As Shin closes in on Keisha, Ryuutou notices that Keisha is in danger and orders his men to ignore Kyokai. Kyokai stops him and inflicted a wound in his chest but her actions opened her own wounds which have yet to heal fully.
-Keisha wants to abandon the plan of rebuilding the HQ and rendezvous with Kinmou. His advisors does not fully support this plan as Shin’s head is valuable. Keisha thinks that even if they could get Shin’s head, they will not be able to escape.
-Naki appears from Keisha’s flank, which created a window for Shin to reach Keisha.
-Back at Kyokai and Ryuutou’s duel, Kyokao manage to cut of Ryuutou’s left fingers.
-Shin reaches Keisha and starts his duel with him.


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