Ch470 Summary

Ch470: My Back


-Kyokai appears and brings her squad to delay Ryuutou while Shin brings the main unit to Keisha before he could regroup properly
-As Shin brings his men towards Keisha, Keisha’s guards killed the first wave of Shin’s men.
-Keisha commented that Shin is still 5 years too early to challenge him, who is going to take the final seat of the new 3 Great Heavens.
-Shin replies that there was once a general, Ouki, who could turn his men into rampaging beasts and that is the true power of a Great General. He then commands his men to look at his back and follow him to battle if they feel pain.


One thought on “Ch470 Summary

  1. Comments about Keisha before he dies 1.Well trained strong personal army(10000) 2. Finally see army flag 3.Easily provoked if things don’t go his way and others can be added by other people


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