Ch469 Summary

Ch469: It will all happen in a flash
-Bihei met up with one of Kanki’s commander and explained they were ordered to assist Zenou clan but were left behind. The commander told them about Zenou’s failure to kill Keisha and invited them to join him in taking the hill.
-Meanwhile Kisui plans to take the hill. He asks his commander about the situation on the hill. After the commander explained the current situation, Kisui realizes that the enemy commander has blocked the main path up the hill by capturing the 3 control points along the path.
-As the last of the 3 points adjacent to the main road controlled by the Zhao is falling fast, Kisui plans to go there with Batei and boost the morale of the soldiers, hoping to extend the control over the point. Ryuutou will set up camp at the back to command the troops.
-30 minutes ago, at HSU, Ten analyzes that the only way to beat Keisha is to lure him out of his formation that he set up. Kanki made use of this but failed to kill Keisha, which means Keisha will not fall into the same trap again. Now, the only way to kill Keisha is to pursue and kill him before he can recover and set up his “web” again. The only unit that can do this now is HSU, who is now left unchecked.
-Ten’s plan is “blitzkrieg”, charging into the center of the enemy formation and kill the target in 1 strike. Be it success or failure, it will all happen in a flash.
-With that, they charged out of the forest towards the slope.
-Ryuutou notices that from atop a cliff. As HSU charges towards Keisha, they break through lines of enemy defense and draws closer to Keisha with each kill. As they close in, Ryuutou and his archers rained arrows while charging towards HSU.
-Ten orders the front cavalry to continue the charge and this attracted the attention of the enemy soldiers, who identified her as the strategist. As the Zhao soldiers charges towards her, Kyokai appeared and cut them in half.

Reminder: Kingdom on a break next week


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