Ch468 Summary

Ch468: The unlucky and the lucky



-As Kisui continues to defend Keisha, Batei and Ryuutou appears to assist in covering Keisha’s retreat from the Zenou clan.

-Keisha seized the chance to escape from the Zenou clan. Zenou orders the pursuit.

-While escaping, Keisha ordered his troops to cover the retreat of the Rigan brothers as they have to recapture the hill which was lost to Kuroou.

-As Keisha escapes, he commented that this luck of his has became the unluckiness of Kanki, who has now exposed his weakness to Keisha.

-Meanwhile, HSU is in shambles and requires a regroup. The hill is under the control of Kuroou and the Rigan brothers are busy with recapturing it. HSU is for now, left unchecked. Ten wants to use this chance to secure victory over the right half of the hill.

-However, Shin has decided to go for the head of Keisha instead of joining the battle at the hill.


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