Ch468 Spoilers


No pictures yet but according to the thread, the text there provided some information:
-Shin vs Batei

-Ryuutou(or his men) shot an arrow at Shin but the arrow was cut in half by someone before it arrives at its target


Since there aren’t any pictures, we should take the above information with a pinch of salt.


Edit: Korean ch468:

Seems like the text spoilers are false. Kisui trio manage to ensure the safety of Keisha.


4 thoughts on “Ch468 Spoilers

  1. I can understand a bit of korean and it looks like shin plans to kill keisha for himself as he saw a dustcloud or movement behind the hills


  2. these are the times i wish i could read japanese or korean. might be good idea to learn japanese since it looks like i am an anime fan 4life.


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