Ch467 Summary

Ch467: The view of the hunted
-Keisha’s army getting destroyed since the previous chapter. It was all part of Kanki’s plan all along, including the part where Keisha going all out to destroy HSU.
-News has gotten to Rigan that the Zhaos are losing and the kids are afraid. The adults reminded them of Kisui’s words before he left, which is to stay strong. Kisui who become the lord of Rigan at the age of 20 has saved them from their enemies with his life and therefore they should also try their best.
-Back to the battlefield. Kisui charges to save Keisha. Kisui realizes that they are at a disadvantage in strength and thus wants to win in terms of morale. He charges to Zenou but was almost smashed by Zenou.
-He tells his men that they must not let these brutes into Rigan. He hopes that Keisha manages to escape as he is the only one who can bring them victory.
-At this time, Kanki senses that there might be some chance for Zhao to make a comeback.
-Kuroou orders her men to attack the main body of the Zhao army and leave the head of Keisha to Zenou.


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