Ch466 Summary

Ch466: The man of Riboku’s level
-As Keisha strikes, he manage to split HSU formation into 2 while Ryuutou and Batei surrounds them.
-Batei almost kills Sosui but his attack was blocked by one of Sosui’s men.
-As HSU struggles to survive at the foot of the hill, Zenou’s clan is rampaging through Kisui’s formation. There are two reasons to Zenou breaking through Kisui’s formation with ease, first of course being the brute strength of Zenou’s clan; Second being Kisui’s army, whose main purpose is to protect Kisui, is confused that Zenou is not going for Kisui but straight past him through the flanks.
-In fact, Zenou’s aim is Keisha and not Kisui. Kinmou receives the news from the other side of the hill and realizes Kanki’s plan. He remembers Riboku’s words about Keisha’s weakness. Keisha, who he is like a spider, waits patiently within its web. As long as the spider stays within its web, it is invincible. However, once it moves out of the web, it is possible to kill it. Now, it seems like Keisha has been tricked by Kanki and wandered away from its web. The third day’s lack of action is all part of the plan.
-With that, Kinmou thinks that Kanki despite being an ex-bandit, seems to be on par with Riboku.
-Finally, Zenou reaches Keisha and is within reach of killing him.



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