Ch465 Summary

Ch465: The battlefield on his palm


-Chapter starts with Keisha attacking HSU from their backs as they focus on the battle with Ryuutou and Batei at the fronts. If Keisha’s troops reaches En and Sosui, the situation will be disastrous.
-Ten orders the men at the back to defend against Keish at all costs.
-Shin leads the ex-Duke Hyou army against the rampaging Keisha army. He knows that even with their presence, they cannot hold for long. They are not only outnumbered but also against the elite soldiers of the Zhao army under Keisha.
-Shin notices the “Kei” on the flag and realizes that this is Keisha’s army. Keisha at the same time notices Shin, who Riboku himself ordered Keisha to kill and return with his head.
-HSU is cannot hold for long. Meanwhile, Ryuutou notices Keisha’s army striking at HSU from their backs. He orders his army to spread and surround HSU.
-Kisui analyzes the situation. He thinks that even though Keisha’s action is a good move as this will crush HSU, the right wing of Kanki’s army entirely, something is fishy. Kinmou(?), Keisha’s adviser, who is at the other side of the hill also find this fishy as Kanki still has not make his move.
-Kinmou thinks that Keisha’s move is different as compared to the first day. The move today is purely to remove HSU, which is an annoying prick in Keisha’s eyes. This is the first time he has seen Keisha make such a rash move. He thinks that if Kanki is in fact smiling now, things will turn out to be scary.
-Meanwhile, Kanki and the Shinigami guy(forgot his name) discusses about Keisha, who acts based on his enemy’s actions, playing around with his enemies. Kanki finds this funny and thinks that this kind of enemy will just be played around by him and end up getting crushed.
-Chapter ends with Zenou appearing by the side of Kuroou, which surprises Kuroou too.


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