Ch464 Summary

Ch464: Impatience at its limit

-A messenger from Kanki’s army arrives at HSU’s camp to instruct HSU not to attack for the day.
-Shin seems angry that about Kanki’s lack of action yesterday. Ten thinks other wise as the situation is still advantageous for Qin. As long as HSU remain where there are to put pressure on Kisui’s army, Kanki can still make his move.
-However, Ten says that HSU is only able to hold the line till noon. Regarding that, the messenger mentions that there will be reinforcements to assist HSU.
-While Ten half-doubt that there will be any form of reinforcements, she agrees to go with the plan.
-The 4th day of the war begins, Batei and Ryuutou attacks HSU while HSU struggles to defend.
-While Kisui notices that HSU is fighting Batei and Ryuutou, he decides to hold his position instead of destroying HSU entirely as Kanki has yet to make his move.
-It is almost noon and HSU is at its limits. There seems to be almost no action over at the other battlefields.
-Keisha is impatient and angry that Kanki has not make any move. He loses his cool and decides to move and crush HSU before Kanki can do anything.
-Chapter ends with a grin from Kanki. Seems like Keisha is doing exactly what Kanki wanted.

Ch464 tl;dr : HSU is Kanki’s bait to lure out Keisha


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