Ch463 Summary

Ch463: The tragedy of Rigan


-As Kyokai asks the old lady about the deaths of the previous Rigan lord, she starts to tell her the story
-The story happens a long time ago, when the area around Rigan was still in chaos. Rigan and another city, Anhe(Chinese name)was fighting for control of the area that time. The capital of Zhao, Kantan, dismissed this as a minor conflict between 2 powers in the area, which was common. What they do not know is that that has escalated into a war.
-Anhe’s lord was Tang Han(Chinese name), a ruthless leader who rules with an iron fist. Rigan’s lord then was Kishou(Kisui’s father, Ryuutou and Batei foster father).
-Anhe outnumbered Kishou’s troops but Kishou’s men were much better in combat. With the debut of Kisui, Ryuutou and Batei, Rigan seems to be winning.
-Everything changed during the battle of Danhu(chinese name). Anhe hired mercenaries from around the region and outnumbered the army of Rigan 5 to 1. However, Kisui manage to kill Anhe’s lord, Tang Han himself after suffering heavy losses.
-The war did not end here as when Kisui pursue the remnants of Tang Han’s forces, Rigan has fallen to the hands of Tang Han’s son, Tang Diao.
-Tang Diao was a timid guy. He avoided the battle of Dan Hu and hid elsewhere with his men. As the battle ended, he seized the chance and struck Rigan to avenge his father. Rigan was filled with wounded soldiers from the battle of Dan Hu, including the injured Ryuutou and Batei, and was defenseless.
-The enemy took the women and children hostage as the city fell. Tang Diao promised the safety of the women and children if Kishou surrenders himself.
-Kishou accepts the offer and surrenders as he is the lord and father of Rigan. As a father, sacrificing himself for his children is human nature.
-Despite the the 3 of them begging for Kishou to change his mind, he is determined to do the hostage exchange. Before he left, he handed the 3 idols to the 3 of them as a memento.
-The central government of Kantan sent an envoy to witness this hostage trading. With this Anhe must not harm the women and children of Rigan. Any reckless action will be seen as an act of treason and will face the army of Zhao. Riboku is there to witness the hostage trading along with the main official. He seems to be interested in Kisui, who took down Tang Han.
-As Kishou and his men were tied and burned at stake by Tang Diao, he announces that Kisui is now the new lord of Rigan and begs for his people to give him their full support. His final words were for Kisui promise to protect the people of Rigan.
-After the death of Kishou, Kisui rebuilt Rigan within 5 years and another 3 years to subdue Anhe, becoming the lord of the area around Rigan.
-The idol that Kyokai picked up was a gift by children to their fathers who were going to war, as a charm of protection.
-Despite the old lady warning Kyokai about Ryuutou and the strength of Kisui’s army, Kyokai is determined to return to help her allies.
-Chapter ends with the dawn of the fourth day of the war.


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