Ch462 Summary

Im back from the land of no internet…I know the chapter had been out for a few days but im still doing my summary for consistency sake.

Also, Kingdom on a break this coming week.

Ch462: The puzzling night
-At the night of the 3rd day, Ten is furious that Kanki did nothing despite everything being set up for him. She vented her anger at Naki
-While Naki does not know what Kanki is thinkging exactly, but he knows that Kanki must have a better plan in mind, which led to him giving up on the chance earlier that day.
-The same for Kuroou and Maron, they have no idea what Kanki is thinking but they know that Kanki must be planning something.
-Kuroou asks Maron about Kisui, but Maron have not heard of that name either. Kuroou is surprised that Kisui is able to boost the morale of the army just by appearing.
-Maron is also surprised that someone as unknown as Kisui can affect the entire war, and is curious about his origins.
-The scene cuts to the village where Kyokai and the old lady is. She explains that the village has existed before Zhao, and therefore have no allegiance.
-The old lady questions Kyokai about the little chess piece that fell came with Kyokai, known as “Son of Rigan”, which is a surprising find considering Kyokai claims that she is a Qin.
-The old lady knows Batei, Ryuutou and Kisui. She thinks that the Qin army do not stand a chance against the army of Rigan.
-While Kyokai had not heard of the army of Rigan, the old lady understands as she explains that the army of Rigan has not participated in any external wars since the “tragedy of Rigan”.
-The old lady continues to explain that Kisui and co. has witnessed the burning of all of Rigan’s grown man and governor 15 years ago.
-Its because of the the tragedy, Kisui ended up not becoming a Great General today.


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