Ch461 Summary

Ch461: The decisive moment at the Battle of Black Sheep Hill.
-We get quite a lot of extra content this chapter to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Kingdom serialization in WYJ. I will include them in the summary below.
-The first color page shows most of the Qin characters and antagonists; second is an advertisement for Kingdom’s mobile game, which has over 1million downloads; third is an announcement of Kingdom manga exhibition held between Feb 1 and Feb 15.
-Chapter 461 starts with Kuroou securing the bottom right sector of the central hill(shaded on the small circle diagram at the bottom right panel of page 2). Her army controls ~10% of the entire hill, ~one-fifth of the right half of the hill.
-Kisui controls almost the entire right half of the hill that Kuroou does not control. HSU controls the foot at the right of the hill. Both armies are ready to strike at the command of Kanki.
-Ten analyzes that there are multiple ways Kanki can win the battle. He can: 1)use Kuroou as a bait to lure out most of Kisui’s army while HSU strikes from the other side; 2)use HSU as the bait and Kuroou as the main attacking force;or even 3)use both HSU and Kuroou as baits while the third army attacks. Ten also understands that Kanki is someone who uses unconventional ways to win battles, and she is interested to find out what strategy he will employ in the end.
-Kanki appears briefly and summons Ogeki.
-Over at the Zhao side, Kisui is putting all his efforts in defense. He tells his deputy that if they can hold on till Batei and Ryuudou breaks through HSU side, they can win the battle easily, and therefore, time is the most important factor in this battle.
-Meanwhile, Keisha has scaled to the top of the hill. Kisui has sent a messenger to him, suggesting him that he should retreat to the back half of the hill for safety. Keisha refuses as he thinks this is the perfect time to deal with Kanki. He will crush Kanki the moment he makes his move.
-As both armies await Kanki’s movement and orders, Kanki decides to troll them as he sits on top of a cliff the entire day, doing nothing while Ogeki gives him a massage.
-Commanders on both sides were shocked as the sun sets with absolutely no order from Kanki the entire day. Kisui knows that Kanki is not stupid enough to do nothing at all but is unable to read his mind.

If I were to give this chapter a new title, it would be “The troll of the battlefield”…Can’t wait to find out what Kanki has up his sleeves in the next few chapters.

-Some of the illustration done by other mangakas to celebrate Kingdom’s 10th anniversary were shown after the chapter ends.
1)Kyokai by Shibata Yokusaru(Air Master)
2)Kyokai by Sako Toshio(Usogui)
3)Ten by Ishida Sui(Tokyo Ghoul)
4)Shouheikun by Masaki Kasahara(Gunjou Senki)
5)Shin by Matsubara Toshimitsu(Rikudou)

Some other information translated with my sub-standard Japanese:
-Ad for Ouki’s figurine.
-Announcement for over 22M book sales for Kingdom
Announcement/ad for interviews with Mr Hara. I think these were old interviews i posted about in the past. I summarised the main points of these interviews here:…hara-yasuhisa/
-My mistake for the above point. Its a brand new interview. Will update this page when i get a translation for it. The interview in Japanese is here.
-Ad for the second guidebook
-There is a pre-order form for Vol 43 of Kingdom to be released on July 19. The pre-order contains an Ouki figurine and costs 9074 yen total.

Update 2:
Courtesy of “GoHouMei_Of_Wei” from mangafox forums, we have a sneak peak of The Official Kingdom Guidebook 2 here:

More updated stats from the new guidebook(without pictures), click here.


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