Ch460 Summary

Time of update for the chinese chapter will be saturdays instead of the usual thursdays for the next month or so. The usual uploader has went back to his hometown for the Chinese New Year.

Ch460: Hi Shin Unit’s wedge*
-Short flashback of Kyokai warning the village elder on the first day of the war. The village elder refused to leave the village with the other villagers despite the warning.
-After the flashback, when the village elder arrives at Kyokai’s hut, Kyokai was seen standing up and wanting to return to HSU, only to collapse again.
-The third day of the war begins. HSU is successful in breaking through Batei’s army. Just whem Batei seems to be out of ideas, Ryuutou returns and gave his advice.
-Ten has summoned the HSU commanders back to their camp despite their huge success in their own battles. She wants them to stop their advancement, leaving 10% of their troops to defend the area and 90% of the troops move horizontally towards the centrally.
-Batei/Ryuutou notices that and thinks that will be a problem to Kisui and the entire war as a whole.
-Kisui notices HSU’s arrival and starts build defenses along the slopes.
-HSU’s arrival has made Kisui uneasy. The tides of war has changed and he no longer have the upper hand. With that Ten order’s HSU to stop their advancement towards Kisui. Ten, as well as the other commanders from both sides near the central hill, knows that the time is right for Kanki to make his move to secure the final victory for Qin.

*That last word in the title might have other meanings so my translation could be wrong.

Next chapter will feature a colour cover in celebration of 10 years of Kingdom serialization.


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