Ch459 Summary

Ch459: The influence of fighting spirit



  • The arrival of Kisui has motivated the Zhao soldiers and they switched from a defensive position to an offensive one.
  • The defensive expert from Kuroou’s army, 1000 men commander Jiao Yun appears seems confident when defending agains the fierce Zhao soldiers. While securing the frontlines, a Zhao squad led by Kisui descended from the cliffs to his left and slayed Jiao Yun in the process.
  • With more Zhao soldiers coming from the cliffs, Kuroou realizes that the battle is loss and orders a retreat. It was due to her swift decision that the Qins did not suffer heavy losses. They also discovered a powerful enemy general, Kisui, in this battle, which will become an important piece of information for the war.
  • The narrator now analyzes the battlefield. With the central hill as the center of the battlefield, the left side of the battlefield seems to be in a stalemate with neither side gaining advantage over the other. The flat ground of the right side of the hill is under the control of HSU while the right side of the hill itself is under the control of Kisui.
  • With that, the second day of the battle ended with a stalemate.
  • As HSU did not receive any new orders from Kanki, they prepare to continue their advance on the right side of the hill. As Shin is slightly worried about Kyokai, he also plans to send a search party for Kyokai the next day.
  • Meanwhile, Kyokai seems to be severely injured and was rescued by the villagers near the central hill

6 thoughts on “Ch459 Summary

  1. thanks magax for the summary. great job for shin. I wonder whether the soldiers who were with kyoukai are still stationed where they were left. I hear people talking about a break this week is it true?


  2. So Shin did what he said and i wonder what Kanki will say now that Shin isn’t in the back foot anymore when his called for a meeting.


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