Ch458 Summary

Ch458: The symbol of Rigan
-At the start of the second day, Raido and the Zhao’s are on a stalemate at the slopes of the central hill, both waiting for the other to make a move.
-At the other side of the hill, the opposite seems to be the case as Maron had already sent his third wave of soldiers against the Zhaos.
-Kanki’s lieutenant, 5000 man commander Kuroou, is having success against the Zhao. She also received the information that HSU has broke through the Zhao defenses and heading towards their direction.
-As she plans to go straight towards the head of the enemy general, Kisui appears and greatly boosted the morale of the Zhao army. Kuroou notices that and immediately changes from attack to defense formation.
-Kanki seems to be planning something in his mind at the end


7 thoughts on “Ch458 Summary

  1. just begin reading this awesome manga very recently and suddenly i’ve read it twice.
    looking forward to your updates king.


  2. So Kuroou is waiting for Shin and HSU to come to launch an attack on zhao and with HSU breaking through zhao defences on his side does that mean Batei and Ryututoo have been defeated ….


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