Ch457 Summary

Ch457: Determined to cross the river
-Continuing from last chapter, En called out to Shin’s squad who are crossing the river. Shin commands his men to march left towards En.
-As the shallow section does not extend towards the left, the river starts to get too deep for them to walk on its bed.
-En’s squad then started throwing ropes towards Shin’s squad, assisting them in landing on the bank.
-The enemies start to gather at En’s position, determined to destroy the landing point.
-En responds by getting all his men, except those holding the ropes, to defend and buy time for Shin.
-However, En’s squad is too tired to fight after crossing the treacherous river and climbing the cliff
-Just as the enemies are about to strike, Shin arrived just in time to stop them with his team, taking over from En and destroying the Zhao forces.
-As Batei arrives at Ten’s position while Ten’s squad is crossing the river, he was informed of Shin’s landing and seizing control of the other side of the river.
-It is now that Batei realizes that both Shin and Ten are just decoys for En, who is the key to breaking through their defenses by assisting the “decoy” Shin and making Shin’s squad the real threat.
-Batei retreated from the river in a hurry and left his boat. With that, the Qins are able to cross the river with ease.
-Meanwhile, the next battle will be held at the central battlefield.


One thought on “Ch457 Summary

  1. Batei run away with his mouth between his legs as he called the hi shin unit a bunch of morons when undertaking their plan to cross the river


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