Ch456 Summary

C456: The responsibility of the lieutenant
-A small recap of the previous chapters. Ten’s plan is to have En cross the rapids away from the battlefield and strike the Zhao from the right side of the concave bank where Shin is. Shin will then also attack the Zhao on the right side of the bank, creating the pincer attack on that area.
-When En was about to give up crossing the rapids, he recalled that he was just a messenger for Shin and not a warrior. He was then thrown into the stateless area by Ouki with Shin unexpectedly, which resulted in him becoming the first lieutenant of HSU. With the new talents joining the ranks of HSU, he is starting to doubt if he is worthy of his position as the lieutenant without strength nor intellect.
-Recalling back to the meeting, Ten assured that En is the right person to send for this important mission as this mission requires neither strength nor intellect, but something else—Responsibility. In terms of that, En is better than anyone in the unit with his experience in HSU for over 7 years, all the way from the time when HSU was just a 100 man unit.
-After that flashback, En was pumped up and pushed on towards the other side of the river.
-Over at the central area of the river, Shin’s squad was showered with arrows and reaching their limits.
-At that moment, the right side of the bank was broken through from behind by En’s squad


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