Ch455 Summary

Title: The main attacker and the support
-Chapter start with HSU preparing to start the battle.
-The narrator explains that the hint to crossing the river is the fact that Kyokai made it through the previous day, which means there are shallow areas at certain parts of the river. As investigated by the soldier earlier, there are in fact 2 shallow points.
-The first point is the broad shallow where Shin will lead the ex-Duke soldiers and the ex-Kakubi soldiers to fight the Zhao there. This area is what is known as the “concave terrain”. If they were to attack from this point, they will no doubt suffer maximum casualties from the enemy’s attacks.
-Shin’s role is to attract the attention of as many Zhao soldiers as possible while Ten and Sosui crosses the river from the relatively safer but narrower “convex terrain”.
-The injured Ryuudou seems to have predicted that and gave Batei some advice. Warning him that the army attacking from the concave terrain will be the “support” and the army attacking the convex terrain is the “main attack”. With that, Batei moves towards Ten’s position.
-Of course, Ten knew that it is not enough to beat the Zhao by attacking these 2 points, so she sent En to another part of the river where the waters are deep and the steep cliffs at the other side make it almost impossible for anyone to cross the river there.
-As the river specialist crosses the river with a rope, another soldier volunteers to be the next, but was swiftly washed away by the rapid currents.
-As they were wondering if it was actually possible to cross the river there, they saw the water turned red as the blood spilled from the battle further upstream reaches their position. En strengthens his resolve and is determined to cross the river


5 thoughts on “Ch455 Summary

  1. Seems ten thought of a better plan than ryuutuo thought of and i hope it works out and which madhouse did kingdom anime as they would like the manga and would be awesome


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