Ch454 Summary

To busy these days to follow Kingdom so here’s a late summary for Ch454. By the way, th English version is out.

Ch454: The Underlying Potential of the Strategist
-HSU was greeted by a wall of Zhao soldiers across the river bank. Those who tried to cross the river were either swallowed by the rapid currents or shot by Zhao arrows.
-Ten analyzes the situation and found no weak points in the enemy’s defenses and no bridge to make use of.
-Ten then had a meeting back at their camp. They found an ally soldier who is very familiar with rivers.
-While Ten agrees to follow the soldier to scout the area, Shin stopped Ten as they do not have enough time to do so. If they stop here, Kanki will punish them without mercy.
-Ten insists on going and is very sure that the enemy will definitely have some sort of weakness.
-Over at the Zhao side, Batei seems confident and says that they can defend the river bank for as long as they want, holding the enemies for ten days or even one year is not a problem.
-After scouting the area with the soldier, Ten returned to the command tent to think of a strategy to break through the enemy.
-As the others wait patiently outside the tent, Ten seems to be breaking down. As she recalls her lessons with SHK, even SHK seems to suggest that they should retreat or avoid crossing a river without boats or bridges.
-As Ten refuses to give up, she seems to have finally thought of something around noon time.
-Ten instructed HSU to build a bridge and En will decide the outcome of this battle.


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