Ch453 Summary

Ch453: The Destination of the Army’s Advancement
-Continuing from the last chapter, Kyokai fell off the cliff and landed in the forest below.
-Both Ryuutou and Kyokai survives. Ryuutou sends his men to capture Kyokai alive.
-Meanwhile in the HSU camp, a messenger told Shin that someone from the HQ arrived at their camp.
-It was Maron, Kanki’s “gentleman” strategist. He arrived to brief Shin of his duties for the second day of war.
-The objective of the second day of the war is to capture the central hill. Whoever captures the central hill will have 80-90% chance of winning the war.
-While the war will be mainly fought on the hill, what determines the outcome will be the left and right armies who are fighting at the foot of the hill. If either side is able to go around the enemy from the foot of the hill and attack the enemy from their backs, the other army will be annihilated.
-However, if Shin and Raido is able to push back the Zhao army from the sides and send men on top of the hill from there, the Zhaos on the hill will suffer heavy losses.
-Whether Shin can successfully executes this plan will determine the outcome of the entire war and this is why Maron took his time to come down to HSU’s camp to explain this.
-According to Maron, Kanki will send the Saki clan to torture Shin if he fails this mission.
-As the battle commences, HSU seems to be breaking through the Zhao ranks successfully without much trouble, which makes Ten suspects something is wrong.
-Indeed, as they arrive at the bank of a river, they were stopped by Batei and his defenses at the other side of the river, which Batei claims to be 10 times more effective than normal due to the river terrain. (well, Shin did broke through Rao Ai’s defenses on the river bank in the past…guess Batei didn’t do his homework)


5 thoughts on “Ch453 Summary

  1. Batei is stupid thinking that capturing the other side of the river will stop shin from advancing and hope his head rolls now and kyokai escapes


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