Ch452 Summary

Here we go!

Ch452: The outcome of the assault



-Kyokai arrives at the Zhao camp before Ryuutou in the night. None of the Zhao soldiers detected her infiltration.
-Ryuutou was surprised that Kyokai was able to infiltrate into the carefully constructed Zhao camp, straight into commander’s tent. He was even more surprised that a woman is capable of doing this.
-Kyokai noticed that Ryuutou seems to be pretty fascinated by his own wooden toys.
-Ryuutou seems to know that HSU has a female deputy commander.
-After a short conversation, their fight starts.
-The Zhao soldiers were alerted by the commotion at Ryuutou’s tent.
-As Kyokai dashes towards Ryuutou, she notices a wire between them which she barely avoids. Her neck was slightly cut by the wire.
-Ryuutou takes this chance to strike at Kyokai. Kyokai barely blocked the blow.
-Kyokai manages to then maneuver away from Ryuutou down the cliff, slashing Ryuutou along the way.
-Just before she fell off the cliff, Ryuutou slashed Kyokai a second time.


9 thoughts on “Ch452 Summary

  1. Kyokai will escape n just like shaka i want the guy kyokai was fighting to join the hi shin army as he would fit well n add strength to the army


  2. I am more surprised at her trying to escape without finishing him than her to fail. Maybe first blow she inflicted was more griveous than we think or her injury was more serious. Thanks.


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