Ch452 Spoilers


Kyokai sneaked into the Zhao camp in an attempt to take Ryuudou’s(did i get his name right?) head. Her neck was cut by the thin wire laid as a trap between the two of them before she could reach him. Both were injured in the short clash and Kyokai jump off the cliff nearby(in an attempt to escape i guess). She was slashed again by Ryuudou before she jump off.


5 thoughts on “Ch452 Spoilers

  1. Ii you pay attention, you will notice that kyokai slashed the guy twice (right side and left side while falling). So he might end up diying and kyokai being injured


  2. What did I say , guys! I knew it , that she was gonna f*ck it up. I had a very bad feeling about it. Most probably she will escape but due to injuries she will not participate in battles for a while. Man , after such an epic entrance too , what a lame conclusion. It seems, Hara is intentionally hyping the Zhao generals and raising my expectations of them. I was right that they are worthy opponents. Excluding Batei I did not expect much from the other guy seeing how he gave an impression of emo but to think that he prevented assasination attemp of Kyoukai who is making a guy like Shin shit his pants in duels, and even slashing her back, I am truly impressed. At the event of their eventual defeat I will be more than satisfied. However , with Kyokai out of picture , all the burden will weigh on his shoulders during tomorrow’s battle. He is now facing two warrior generals and thinking how awesome it would be if he took on both of them at the same time. By the way , thanks for super early spoilers, King. It is just I am so much disappointed of Kyoukai. Now I remember that once she said with 6 month training ,I can kill Houken, it makes me infuriated . Slaying Houken , my ass! you can not even assasinate sidekick of sidekick of sidekick of Riboku, even losing miserably in return. I do not know anymore but please, guys, do not defend her this time because she screwed up big time.


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