Ch451 Summary

Super early super high quality Chinese release thanks to some Chinese students who major in Japanese.

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With that here goes:

Ch451: The night at Black Sheep
-Knowing that the enemies are familiar with the terrain, Ten doubled the efforts of patrolling and defending the camp at night.
-Apparently, HSU has lost contact with Kyokai after the chaotic battle, as reported by Sosui.
-Shin isn’y worry about Kyokai but more worried about his failure today.
-Meanwhile, Kyokai and her scouting party were having a meeting. Kyokai knows exactly where HSU, Zhao army and themselves are, pointing out that they are being isloated behind enemy lines.
-As the Zhaos are defending the frontlines well, it is hard for the scouting party to return to the Qin camp. While it is possible to return by taking the long way, detouring away from the front line separating the two armies, it is hard to navigate through the dark woods.
-Kyokai agrees that they should return and continue the fight tomorrow, but she thinks that their current position behind the enemy lines is a golden opportunity.
-Back in the Qin camp, Kanki’s messenger arrived and said that Kanki wants to execute Shin for his failure. However, Kanki understands that losing an important commander at this moment is not a good idea and reduce the punishment to chopping off Shin’s right hand. Shin jokingly drew his sword and wants to cut the messenger’s hand….
-Shin wants the messenger to return with the message that HSU understands their blunder and will be the one to turn the tide of the battle, taking the head of Keisha, leading Qin to victory.
-The commander from Kanki’s army current in HSU(forgot his name) offered to return with the messenger to explain why he didnt return with Shin’s right hand.
-With today’s encounter with the enemy, Ten says that she knows what to do and what not to do, and promises with her head that HSU will break through the enemy front line and arrive at the side of the central hill tomorrow.
-As expected, the enemies launched an attack on the Qin camp at night. That did not worry Ten and Shin as they were prepared for that. Instead, they are worried about Kyokai.
-While Kyokai’s men thinks it is a ridiculous move to assassinate the enemy commanders, Kyokai thinks that the reward of taking the head of a General leading tens of thousands men without shedding a single drop of blood outweighs the risk of her failing the assassination. Moreover, as a member of a clan who does assassinations over a thousand years, this should be an achievable task.

I swear Hara sensei gets better at drawing Kyokai everytime he puts her in the spotlight. If there is a colored version of that back view of Kyokai, I would gladly use that as my mobile phone wallpaper.


4 thoughts on “Ch451 Summary

  1. Awesome summary! Just made my day. I wonder what will Kanki’s commander (assigned in SHU) will explain to Kanki. Maybe SHU has performed better than expected in spite of the circumstances.

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  2. Have you guys also noticed that Shin is getting taller and bigger! I think height correspond with the growth as a general. The better general you are the taller you are!

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  3. Thanks , King , you are boss. I am shocked to see that you have come to the same conclusion as I. I really thought how beautiful Kyokai is depicted in this chapter. Especially her nose in front view . I have noticed nose in front view is always problem in manga. Be it Ten’s , Kai’s or You’s , most of the time it is either incomplete , or so small on a relatively big face or just a straight line without noticeable nostrils, which leave a bad taste in your mouth . So in order to make a female character look beautiful , he has to either make her eyes narrower or face longer and slimmer which also shows that the character has become an adult. But both Kai and Ten are teen girls so that is out of question. Therefore , it always troubled me to see such adorable characters lack somehow in beauty. But today I saw that without going to such measures how perfect she is drawn with an excellent nose. Now I am ashamed to think that she would dilly dally around playing hero and neglect her duties. How naive of me . She is indeed an assassin. But her opponents are tough , even that emo guy. I think things will proceed like this: kaiXemo, shinXscarface and kankiXkisui.

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