Ch451 Spoilers


From what i understand, that guy whom i assume is one of Kanki’s commander, is saying that Shin is going to be executed for failing his mission on the first day.

Seems like the OP of the thread updated the spoilers with almost the entire chapter. Ten sent Kyokai and a small group of men to the Zhao camp for an assassination mission. Things are getting interesting despite the lack of action in this chapter.


9 thoughts on “Ch451 Spoilers

  1. That f*ucking b*tch Kyokai! Almost did nothing to contribute the war on the first day while running idly around helping civilians , forgetting all about her mission. Because of her sensitivity my man Shin is facing consequences of his failure. It is not that he was powerless but because did not have any experience in forest battle and the one who had abandoned her mission reminiscing her past . If she had done scout and come back in time they may have had a chance. I hope she does not get captured and Shin won’t have to rescue her too this time.


    • Kyokai gets captured and Shin rescue her!! man this is our girl Kai your talking about not Ten ๐Ÿ™‚

      and to send her for assassination mission “Nice play Ten” an assassination is Kai specialty. .

      from what i can see in the pics it looks like Kai already made a plan to break the Zhou camp ๐Ÿ˜‰

      and i really wana know what Shin said to that commander. . .


  2. Why would that guy even think about drawing his sword in Shin presence! Shin would be able to take them down easy. I hope he cuts off his head and send it back to Kanki to tell him to back off!


  3. the entire chapter is updated it seems that the man even drawn the sword ,
    dying here i hope soon we will receive the full summary


  4. now now hang on a sec, the war is not over yet it’s only the first day!! why the hell that Kanki wanna executed one of his Commanders for a first day failure?

    anyway we’re sure that is not gonna happen because “Shin is the main character”
    so the question is, how will Shin get out of this situation?

    for me i can only see four exits for Shin to take. . .

    1. to choose one of his comrades to be executed in his stead <– and i don't think this will happen

    2. he made a promise to make a big achievement in the next day "like slaying one of the enemy generals" <– not so sure

    3. send the head of this commaner to Kanki with a letter saying …………….. <– this will be the best ๐Ÿ˜‰

    of course all this in the case that this is not a joke from Kanki KOKOKOKOKOKOKO ๐Ÿ™‚


    • From the looks of it that guy might just be giving his opinion on shin’s punishment. It might not be kanki’s decision. We will have to see the entire chapter to get the full picture


  5. Yeah , at least , there should be this much threatening consequences for his failure. He should learn not to talk big before even stepping on battlefield. Honestly , sometimes it is just annoying that he does not know his place in presense of someone with higher rank. From how events unfold , it is obvious Raido is better and more reliable than Shin .


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